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Heart Shaped Lash Tape Dispenser

Heart Shaped Lash Tape Dispenser

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Meet our Lash Tape Dispenser, an essential tool for every lash artist. This dispenser is specifically designed to hold your Micropore Tape and make your lash application process smoother and more efficient. With its easy-to-use mechanism, you can dispense and cut the tape with precision, ensuring you get the perfect length every time. Its compact design makes it a convenient addition to your beauty kit. Say goodbye to the hassle of handling tape and say hello to a more streamlined lash application with our Lash Tape Dispenser.

1 x Heart Shaped Lash Tape dispenser
1 x Pink Micropore Lash Tape

Could lashing get any cuter?! Our heart-shaped tape dispenser is a must-have for any Lash Babes kit! Keep your tape clean and tidy locked away with love!


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