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Eyelash Extension Sleep Mask

Eyelash Extension Sleep Mask

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Introducing our Lashmelovely 3D Contoured Glad Lash Satin Sleep Mask, the ultimate eyelash extension sleep mask for all lash enthusiasts! This sleep mask for lash extensions is a must-have for those who want to protect and pamper their lash extensions.

Designed specifically as an eyelash sleep mask, it contours perfectly around your eyes and lashes, providing a secure yet comfortable fit. The soft, breathable, and lightweight material ensures maximum comfort, making it the perfect eye mask for eyelash extensions.

The deeply contoured mould of this eye mask for lash extensions effectively blocks out light, ensuring a deeper, uninterrupted sleep. Whether you’re at home, on a long-haul flight, or simply meditating, this lash sleep mask is your perfect companion.

Equipped with an elastic Velcro band, it adjusts to fit comfortably, ensuring your lashes remain undisturbed. It’s the ideal gift for clients or a charming party favour for bridal or bachelorette celebrations. With the Lashmelovely 3D Contoured Glad Lash Satin Sleep Mask, sweet dreams are indeed awaiting!


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