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4D Lashes (DD) - Pre-Fanned Volume Eyelashes

4D Lashes (DD) - Pre-Fanned Volume Eyelashes

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Our 4D DD Lashes have been carefully crafted to create a more dramatic curlier look with the extra curl to add extra volume and fullness. These add even more of a curl and flick than our D curl range! Our 4D DD volume lash fans are flawless, flicky and fluffy whether it be a natural or more glamorous look that Is desired. 

Key features

  • Thickness: 0.10
  • Create a curlier fuller look due to there being 3 individual lashes per fan
  • Curl: DD
  • Fans Per Tray 176
  • Small bonding area which enhances lash line for black liner effect
  • Made from Korean Silk
  • Ultra lightweight 
  • Held on a low tack tape strip for easy and speedy application.
  • Suitable for both Russian volume-trained and Classic lash trained lash technicians

How to Apply

  • Using your curved or angled tweezer go underneath the fan and holding the base of the fan gently peel towards you removing the lash from the low tack tape strip.
  • Use your isolation tweezer to isolate a natural lash, dip the short base of the fan into the lash adhesive and apply the 3D fan to the natural lash.

Why Pre-Fanned?

Cost-effective, halve your application Time with pre-fanned lashes this means more time for more clients, making your own handmade fans can be time-consuming and fiddly, our pre-fans are applied using 1:1 application and create perfect symmetry,each fan has been carefully crafted specially for durability and for maximum retention.

  • Easy to apply
  • Quicker application than handmade.
  • Create perfect symmetry 
  • Keep their curl


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