How to Choose the Perfect Lash Length for Premade Fans

How to Choose the Perfect Lash Length for Premade Fans

When it comes to lash extensions, precision matters. Let’s explore the art of selecting the perfect lash length to enhance your clients’ natural beauty. 

The Golden Rule: Respect the Natural Lashes

Always adhere to the 3mm rule. This means avoiding eyelash extensions that are more than 3mm longer than the client’s natural lash. Why? Because it ensures seamless integration with their own lashes, creating a harmonious and balanced look. By following this rule, we prevent extensions from appearing too heavy or overwhelming, maintaining a natural and flattering effect.

The Versatile Range: 8mm-15mm

The most commonly used lengths for eyelash extensions fall within the 8mm-15mm range. Here’s how to navigate this spectrum:

8-9mm: Inner and Outer Corners

  • Ideal for inner and outer corners where natural lashes tend to be shorter and weaker.
  • Prevents lash damage in these delicate areas.
  • Perfect for cat eye sets when applied to the outer corner, preventing a droopy appearance.
  • Creates a subtle, dark, and full effect (think Russian volume style).
  • Note: These shorter lengths often have stronger curls compared to longer fans.

10-11mm: The Transition Length

  • Versatile and essential for various styling techniques (natural, doll, and cat eyes).
  • Use them in the middle area of the eyes or as the longest lengths in a natural eye set.
  • Stock up on these to ensure you’re never caught without them.

12-13mm: Longest Length and Accentuation

  • Commonly used as the longest length in a set.
  • Accentuates specific parts of the eye.
  • For doll eye styling, apply in the middle of the eye to create a wide-eyed, doll-like effect.
  • Achieve a cat eye by using these lengths toward the outer corners. Great for elongating the eyes.
  • Remember, a proper cat eye requires a gradual increase in length along the lashline.

14-15mm: Dramatic Accent

  • Ideal for clients who crave dramatic, long lashes.
  • Caution: Heavy on natural lashes; suitable only for those with strong lashes.
  • Warn clients that these fans may make the set appear sparse and wispy.
  • Shorter lengths create a fuller, cleaner look.

Final Thoughts

Choose lash fan lengths wisely, considering both aesthetics and lash health. Your clients will appreciate your attention to detail and personalised recommendations.


What is the ideal lash extension length?

The ideal lash extension length is typically around 2 mm longer than your client’s natural lashes. This ensures a natural look without being too heavy for the natural lashes.

How do I determine the right length for different eye shapes?

Consider the client’s eye shape and desired style. For example:

  • Medium extensions (9-12 mm) work well for the centre and outer corners of the eye, especially with medium or short natural lashes.
  • Longer extensions (13-16 mm) are suitable for clients with longer lashes, focusing on the centre and outer corners.
  • Very long extensions (17-22 mm) create a dramatic effect but may be heavy on natural lashes.

Should I follow the 3 mm rule for all clients?

While the 3 mm rule (not exceeding 3 mm longer than natural lashes) is a good guideline, consider individual factors like eye shape, desired style, and lash health.

What if a client wants extremely long extensions?

For clients who crave dramatic, long lashes (14-15 mm or longer), caution them that these fans may make the set appear sparse and wispy. These lengths are suitable only for those with strong natural lashes.

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